February 11, 2016

Palestinian Days Festival 21-23 June 2013

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The Executive Committee of the Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK


21-23 June 2012

Event open to ALL

The General Union of the Palestinian Communities in Europe and The Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK in cooperation with the Palestinian Mission in the UK are pleased to invite you to this ‘Palestinian Days’, a three-day festival celebrating Palestinian culture, heritage, art, food and music.

Past audiences will expect some surprising festival inclusions this year with the special features on offer. Held at London’s Copthorne Tara Hotel between 21 and 23 June, the festival’s schedule runs as follows:

Friday June 21:

Opening Ceremony and Dinner Party

1600-1900: The festival will launch with a special opening ceremony, which includes a reception and a Palestinian fashion show.

2000:  Dinner party to honour some remarkable European figures for their continuous support on the Palestinian issue including Sir Gerald Kaufman and The Right Honourable Tony Benn.

Please note that entry to ‘The Palestinian Days Festival’ across the 3 days is FREE;To book your seats for the Honorary Dinner Party ONLY, please email palestinianassociationuk@gmail.com. Tickets are £100.00 per person*

Saturday June 22:

Exhibition showcasing Palestinian artwork, conference highlighting the tragedies of Palestinian detainees in Israeli Jails

1100 – 1900: Exhibition opening hours
The exhibition showcases traditional and modern ethnic garments and jewelry from various parts of Palestine as well as merchandise and handicrafts from Palestine provided by Palestinian charities.  Various UK-based Palestinian artists will also be exhibiting their work. The exhibition will devote a special stand featuring quality food from Palestine, such as olive oil, almonds, dates, summak, tahineh and sweets.

1200 – 1400: A Conference about Palestinian detainees in Israeli Jails.

The event will feature a short film about Palestinian detainees, followed by a discussion panel by Palestinian minister for detainees’ affairs, Mr. Issa Qaraqe, and the president of the prisoners club Mr Qaddourah Faris, the Palestinian lawyer Jawad Boulos, Mr and Mrs Al Issawi (parents of Palestinian prisoner Samer Al Issawi), ex-prisoners Worood Qasem and Mahmoud Sarsak.

Please note that entry to ‘The Palestinian Days’ Festival is FREE

Sunday June 23:

Exhibition,  film screening and musical performance by a Palestinian Dabkeh Group

1100-1700: Exhibition opening hours (Showcasing same as above)

1400: Screening of “Pomegranates and Myrrh”, a film by Palestinian director and screenwriter Mrs. Najwa Najjar. The screening will be followed by Questions and Answers session with the director.

1700: A live performance by Al Zababdeh, a Palestinian traditional dabkeh group.

The three-day event will be held at Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington

Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, W8 5SR

Please note that entry to ‘The Palestinian Days’ Festival is FREE

We look forward to welcoming you at the festival.

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